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The Shades of Sandstone

Curated to complement neutral design schemes and create soft yet stunning home hues.
By the premium collection design team
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T he Shades of Sandstone Collection has been curated to illustrate how the use of tonal shades of a neutral palette can create a light but warm atmosphere in your home. When you yearn for an environment that is light and airy, but not cold or too white, pale neutral tones can form a stunning base for a scheme that evokes a feeling of pared-back, quiet luxury. Subtle or bold accent colours can be introduced, or depth and interest can be injected through the use of texture, self coloured pattern and layering. The Alpina Chandelier by Heathfield & Co is a perfect example of adding warmth with the contrast of oatmeal linen shades and warm brass arms, designed to emulate the stems of the Alpine flower. Light is diffused by the clear bubbled glass disk at the end of each arm, and the borosilicate glass cylinder houses the stem. This simple, elegant statement piece will warm up your entrance hall, or make a sophisticated centre light over a dining table. The addition of the Jan Garncarek U2 hanging lamp, perhaps hung in a cluster, or as a series along a hallway produces the same effect, and punctuates the pale scheme. The beautiful Atlantis Tray, finished in pearl oyster shell, hand formed into a stunning mosaic, is not only a beautiful way to serve drinks to your guests, but is also a useful receptacle for anything from trinkets on your dressing table to a collection of drinks on your sideboard.

Luxury Cushions and Rugs to Contrast, Complement and Pull Colours from Artwork

A favourite painting, or one that you commission using colours that will inform your scheme, is the perfect starting point from which to draw colour inspiration for your luxury accessories and soft furnishings. In the grouping below, the soft sandy pink of the subject’s headdress, is picked up as an accent colour in the selection of the breathtaking Bohemia rug from Bazaar Velvet. The movement in the rug’s pattern beautifully echoes the swirling motion of the painting. The reflective quality of the silk and the cut edges of the pile of the silk and Bikaner wool, create incredible depth of light and shade, bringing interest and layers to the scheme without the need for bold colour and pattern. The selection of cushions from Brabbu add a different dimension with their subtle geometric patterns, pick up various shades from the artwork, and the dark touches anchor and balance the scheme, providing contrast and interest. Another great way to enhance the depth of an almost white expanse of wall, is with the use of specialist finishes such as the Venetian polished plaster used here. The movement again echoes the turbulence in the painting and the rug, in a subdued and subtle way. Topping it all off with the sublime Gingerlily herringbone silk throw further enhances the luxury while drawing out the grey tone from the painting.

Luxury Lighting and Artwork Combinations Provide Sophisticated Statements against Neutral Backdrops

Taupes, whites and soft beiges are peppered with dark points to anchor this grouping. The use of texture and subtle colour variation creates a very interesting palette. Repetition is a key tool of interior designers, and that can be achieved with the use of the same item in a series of locations, such as wall lights that lead you through a hallway and into a communal area, to the use of elements of one item echoed in another. An array of art, in frames of the same colour or finish, also achieves this. Bella Pieroni’s City Scape III, with its broad brush strokes, is expertly paired with the Bruges rug in this combination. This is a perfect example of how to link luxury accessories to create cohesive, well considered arrangements. Adding metallic elements, especially in a warm gold or brass finish, is a great way to take the cool edge off a neutral palette. Using sculptural wall lights to achieve this provides a flattering glow of light in the evening, and during the day, when turned off, they are pieces of art in their own right. Two wonderful examples of this are the Evie wall light and the Qunatum wall light, both from Hudson Valley Lighting Group; understated luxury at its best.

Layering Tone and Texture to Create Warm, Luxurious Spaces Perfect for Games and Conversation

Elements that are tied together using a wash of muted shades of taupes, warm greys and cool beiges, with hints and hues of pink, green and blue, create an ethereal atmosphere, suitable for quietly reading a good book, or a relaxed evening with friends and family, chatting and playing games. The colour palette here harnesses this muted yet elegant atmosphere, and creates the perfect blend of peaceful tonal shades and quiet sophistication. This is also echoed by the use of natural materials in the various accessories, from the leather clad Pinetti boxes to their gorgeous noughts & crosses set, crafted from Canaletto walnut, covered with calfskin leather and topped off with beautiful playing pieces fashioned from Volterra alabaster. The natural fibres of the silk & wool rug and the hand stitched alpaca and silk throw from BAEA , ensure that this collection is tactile, textured and truly luxurious.

Designer Bathroom Accessories - An Extension of Your Style, Creating a Tranquil Atmosphere

The bathroom is another area where the use of natural materials and muted, neutral colours will enhance the overall feeling of serenity and tranquility. The soft and sumptuous Abyss Habidecor Lino towels bicoloured and made from a combination of Egyptian cotton and pure linen, which is hypoallergenic and antistatic, will cosset you as you emerge from your bath. The Stone rug juxtaposes the image of a hard surface with the softness of Egyptian cotton, into which your toes will sink, providing a multi-sensory treat, reminiscent of your favourite spa. The warm greys and muted beiges provide a subtle elegance, echoed in the use of calfskin leather and linen in the laundry and towel baskets from Pinetti. The muted colour scheme is continued in the Ocean Reef tray sculpted from grey Sparkalite marble and topped off with a nickel plated coral embellishment. Coral reefs are associated with healing, transformation and refuge, further enhancing the feeling of wellbeing in your bathroom.

Designer Outdoor Furniture - Creating Exterior Spaces that Reflect your Interior in both Comfort and Quality

Continuing the muted, neutral scheme in your garden, poolside or deck, connects the interior and exterior, and continues the feeling of subtle elegance. The grouping below includes furniture and accessories that are perfect for all climes. The Calfskin clad Canaletto walnut dominoes set provides a beautiful distraction whilst relaxing outside. Pinetti create games and accessories with yacht use in mind, so the items are water resistant and scratch resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the outside air ruining them (although please don’t leave outside in the rain!) or warping the wood. The use of a mixture of beiges, greys and shades of white, make for a cool, well considered outside area, that feels light and spacious. The Qubik collection from Atmosphera has minimalist lines for a streamlined feel, and in this example, the off-white cushions also contribute to the clean, neutral palette. The voluptuous and tactile Twiga range of furniture, perhaps arranged off to the side in a shady nook where you can curl up with a good book, contrasts and complements the finer lines of the Qubik pieces,. The continued pale, neutral colours illustrate how separate areas of the same space can remain cohesive even with the use of different styles of furniture when you consider the finishes and colours. The accent colours in this patio and pool area are provided by the pool, trees and sky.

Further Luxurious Accessories to Help you Add the Finishing Touch to your Outdoor and Transitional Spaces

When drawing the outdoor and indoor areas together with complementary colour schemes, choose finishes and textures that speak to each other. The beautiful Baobab Stones collection of candles is not only a treat for the olfactory senses, but are also attractive accessories in their own right. Luxury lighting can be used indoors and out, the Heathfield Pearle ceramic table lamp, is a lovely example of how to connect themes in both spaces. Whether indoors or outside, luxury table linen adds a lovey finishing touch to your table and enhances your guests’ enjoyment. The examples below are but a taster of the fabulous range of designer napkins, table cloths, runners etc that we have selected, all of which can be punctuated with the use of gorgeous napkin rings, such as the whimsical Botanical Leaf range from Michael Aram.

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