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Noir Monochrome

Curated to offer inspiration for a masculine-edged, sophisticated home aesthetic.
By the premium collection design team
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he Noir Collection has been compiled to offer a rich, masculine-edged sophisticated aesthetic, that will introduce texture, mood lighting and subtle luxury to your interior scheme. Task lighting is of course, necessary, but there are other purposes for luxury light fittings such as setting a mood. Light sources can create dramatic effect by casting a wash of light against a textured wall, or to act as a halo to a sculptural piece such as the Laskasas Jackson’s Wall Lamp shown below. Three different raw materials; metal wood and stone, make up this stunning triptych that serves as art as well as lighting, with the textures, colours and shadow cast by the different levels, all creating depth and interest as well as providing a warm glow. The Metropolis sconce by Jan Garncarek creates a similar effect as the light is reflected off the brass back plate. Stylish and elegant in its simplicity, it injects warmth and texture into your space.

Luxury Rug and Accessory Combinations to Anchor Living Spaces

When considering your scheme, imagine elements that will complement and enhance each other, perhaps keeping within a neutral palette, punctuated by metallic surfaces and self-coloured pattern for depth and interest. While they are all from separate collections, the rugs, designer lighting and accessories shown below have a consistency which illustrates how many different styles or favourite pieces can tie together in the same way to create a truly cohesive scheme, where colour, texture and finish are all considered in an holistic way. In the Noir collection, greys, taupes and brass all sit together perfectly, demonstrating that a neutral palette doesn’t have to feel cold, uninteresting or sparse. Mixing metals is also a great way to create elegant interest. We don’t have to stick to all nickel or brass for instance. The Luxxu Prima Ottoman is a perfect example of how mixing grey and gold tones creates a sumptuous look and feel. The polished brass against the hand stitched velvet is a triumph. The Niki Jones Atlas Stripe Rug with its luxurious thick pile, hand knotted by skilled craftsmen in Morocco, has a pinstripe motif that further enhances the rectilinear look, and adds soft, sumptuous comfort for your feet after stepping off a hard surface such as tile or wood. The Luxxu Waterfall table lamp, with its ribbed, handmade crystal tubes and gold plated brass detailing on a stunning base of Emperor marble, is sculptural, pared back and brimming with understated luxury.

Luxury cushions and bed throws to create sumptuous sanctuaries

The most important space in your home in terms of well being could arguably be the bedroom. This is where you unwind, leave the cares of the day behind and recover your body and mind. So the bedroom is the perfect place to indulge yourself, with soft, tactile surfaces, using luxury throws and cushions to create not just a perfectly comfortable space but also one that is pleasing to sight and touch. Curl up on the bed or a favourite chair to read a good book, and cocoon yourself with luxurious cashmere, wrapped in one of our glorious throws. Or perhaps choose from our beautiful faux fur range, and nestle your toes in the sumptuous pile. We’ve collated a selection of geometric patterned cushions, velvet cushions, even some in leather and faux fur, to be used within a monochrome palette or in bolder colours to accent the other soft furnishings. Helen Moore’s Lady Grey throw pulls this palette together and anchors it with its deep grey tone. Make your bedroom a sensory sanctuary where you can revitalise and reflect on the day. The Noir Collection consists of deep, warm colours and textures that inject the space with a feeling of understated, quiet luxury, calmness and repose.

Setting the Mood for Home Entertaining with Luxury Chess Sets & Scented Candles

As we find ourselves slowly re-emerging from lockdown, but limited in our options of venues at which to spend time with family and friends, entertaining at home will be as popular a choice as ever. What better way to delight your guests than to host a games night? Whether raucous poker as a group, or a quiet game of chess between two, select pieces that act not only as a game, but as accessories when not in use, such as the stunning Skyline luxury chess sets, crafted in the shape of iconic buildings in some of the most vibrant and interesting locations in the world. Perfect elements of the Noir collection in colour and texture.

As you create the atmosphere, think about adding further sensory touches, such as scented candles from Baobab which are beautiful objects in their own right. These elements help set the mood and make your guests feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. The Encre de Chine candle works particularly well in this collection, with its bold, black and gold styling, and the strong woody fragrance, encapsulating the mood perfectly.

The Metropolis table lamp continues this theme of understated, textural finishes, adding warmth and depth.

Wine, Cheese and Company - Contemporary Dinnerware for Special Occasions

As we continue to enhance our entertaining spaces we can complete a fully considered scheme with complementary or contrasting dinnerware and serve ware. Our Noir collection is replete with selections from Michael Aram as so many of his designs capture this mood perfectly. The Cast Iron Collection is inspired by the textures found in the iron forging process, and the juxtaposition of the raw, hammered appearance against the formal crispness of the white porcelain, beautifully illustrates Michael’s love of texture, contrast and form. The Olive Branch Cheese Board and Black Orchid Coaster Set, continue the masculine feel, balanced with beautiful feminine touches.

An Extension of Your Style - Using Luxury Fire Pits to Elevate Outdoor Spaces

As we move outdoors, continue the mood of Noir, by creating an atmosphere that is calm and tranquil, yet dramatic and moody. The staggering Feuerring fire pits are the perfect way to create a special environment for your guests. The steel surface of the edges is the perfect place for cooking a multitude of different dishes - gone are the days of just grilling meat or fish on the BBQ with your back to the party - with the Feuerring you can cook vegetables and even toast fruit and nut accompaniments. Your guests can also get involved, as the shape draws people to gather around it in a circle, and each person can tend to the offerings that are on their section. As the night draws in, your friends and family will be warmed by the fire, and enchanted by its flickering flames. Dot luxury candles and hurricane lanterns around the outside space to create a fully immersive experience; hypnotic and mesmerising. When the evening chill requires a bit more, wrap and cosset your guests in faux fur and cashmere throws. The beautiful Jet throw from Helen Moore is the perfect complement to the Noir scheme. We hope you enjoy exploring the Noir Collection as much as we’ve enjoyed collating it.

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